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            The Company is located in the beautiful city –HANGZHOU, the capital of Zhejiang province in China. Established in 1994, it has become one of the most professional manufacturers and one of the most important suppliers of ROUTER BITS & SHAPE CUTTERS and other woodworking cutting tools in China. With years of developing, the company’s brand TIDEWAY has become famous in China, and it shares a good domestic market. Simultaneously the company’s quality products have owned high reputation from more and more overseas customers, who spread over more than 50 countries and regions worldwide.

            The company’s aim is to supply customers good quality products and competitive prices, together with the best service. To meet different demands, the company is offering different grades of products. That’s high quality being for industrial market and general quality for professional market and DIY using.

            The company started to hold ISO9001 certification from 2003 and got TüV certification for most products. The products are manufactured under strict quality-control regulations. And the products supplied to European customers are under the new E.C REGULATION EN847-1:2007.

            As a professional manufacturer, the company has imported the advanced tooling technology and the best CNC tooling machines in the world. And many specialized equipments by self R&D are used on the production lines. Besides, the company has experienced engineers and designers to meet various customers’ special demands.

            Welcome to TIDEWAY. You’ll certainly be satisfied with the quality products and nice service here, which will be worthy of each penny you are paying.

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